HP Element Type Row
34,080 None Organic Front
Abilities: Bind Voice (Formation Paralysis), Counter, Headbutt, Tail-Crush
Weak Against: Bio Killer Rings

Flavor Text: We have prepared a tasty dessert in the next room for any immortal.

Class: Heavy Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Jansen required
  • Cooke required
  • Mack required
  • Tolten required
  • Sed required
  • Defeat all enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Defeat without the use of Skills or Items. Magic is allowed.

Three Star Victory Strategy

You must defeat him without skills. This is the most straightforward (and possibly the easiest) of the battles in this class. Don't fret about your formation changing. Keep Cooke healing the party and have Mac put Powerus and Mindus where necessary.

Another very good strategy that should do the trick is to put Bio Killer rings on both Sed and Tolten. You should initially start with Sed and Tolten in the front row ( possibly Mack depending on his level). If Jensen has the Leveler spell, which is received from defeating Blue Dragon, this will come in handy. Despite its long cast time and without having the ability to use Casting Support and or Concentrate it may take quite a few turns to cast. However, in that time have Cooke heal using Zephyra and if she has Divide that will also come in handy. Mack can just focus on casting support buffs on Sed and Tolten such as Powerus. By this time Jensen should be ready to cast Leveler dealing some decent damage. Don't worry too much about party formation but still be mindful of it.

2 Star Reward: 3 Godly Dragon Tears

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed

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