Lost Odyssey Enemy
Ageless One
HP Element Type SP Gold
440 None Magic 1 160
Location Encountered Dropped
Old Sorceress' Mansion Wind Seal Leaf
Sticky Tape
Stolen Rare Steal
Gale Wing None
Abilities: Forcea, Grounda, Winda, Flara, Aquara, Forbidden Chapter
Susceptible To: Curse, Dizzy, Petrify, Terror, Virus
Weak Against: Magic Killer Rings


Ageless Ones are the only enemy found in the Sorceress' Mansion that are equally prone to being damaged by your physical attacks as your magic attacks. Because of this, attacks, Power Attacks, Forces... they all do the trick. The problem is, their low defense is offset by their strong offense: they can hit you with both Aquara and Grounda, for a fair bit of damage. You'll usually see them side by side with Soul Armors. In those cases, have your mages take out the Soul Armors with one Flare per target, while Kaim and Seth both focus on one of these guys.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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