Baballoon X 6
HP Element Type Row
5,760 Fire None Front & Back
Abilities: Flarus, All-Flarus, Mindus, Huge Poison Explosion
Weak Against: Element Water

Flavor Text:

Class: Super Heavy Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Defeat All Enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Don't let any party members die (or KO)

Three Star Victory Strategy

  • The only attacks that the Baballoons perform is fire based. So simply equip your party with the Absorb Fire skill and you cannot lose.
  • The Baballoons will cast Zephyrus after every attack. All-Flara + Casting Support and they will self destruct just like the similar middle class fight. Anti-Poison is a must.

2 Star Reward: 5 Goddess Medicine

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed

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