Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
3,170 Earth Mechanical 3 800
Location Encountered Dropped
Grand Staff Magic Staff Fragment
Stolen Rare Steal
Magic Crystal Replica Staff
Abilities: Create Doll, All-Shieldus, All Curse, Generatus, All-Barricadus
Susceptible To: Curse, Poison, Terror, Toxin, Virus
Weak Against: Element Water Machine Killer Rings


Alchemist aren't a danger to you at all, on there own. The thing is, they have enough HP to last at least one round, and by that time they'll have used Create Doll (which they can use four times in one turn) to create a front row of Colbas and Shiidas -- if they weren't already there when the battle began. Aside from creating this front row wall of defense, the Alchemist can use All-Shieldus to protect its team. Their defense team isn't that good though, and you should be able to plow through it. As for the Alchemist themselves, just lay into them with physical attacks and Winda spells.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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