Location: White Boa - Pilot House

NPC Type: Shop Keeper

Availability: Only Accessible on Disc 4, Handy as a Components trader since there is a level 3 Ringmaker in the pilot house too.



Item Price Function
Healing Medicine 40g Restores 100 HP to one party member
Healing Herb 120g Restores HP of one party member
Healing Tank 360g Greatly restores the HP of one party member
Mana Herb 60g Restores 100 MP to one party member
Mana Capsule 180g Restores MP of one party member
Mana Bottle 540g Greatly restores the MP of one party member.
Antidote 15g Cures Poison for one party member
Eye Drops 20g Curse blindness of one party member
Kelo-Vitamin 30g Cures or Inflicts one party member of Kelolon.
Smelling Salts 35g Cures one party member of Dizziness.
Anti-Paralysis Herb 20g Cures one party member of Paralysis.
Brave Fruit 40g Cures one party member of Terror.
Seal Clear 40g Cures one party member of Seal.
Stone Beast's Thorn 50g Cures one party member of Petrify.
Mint Powder 25g Curse Sleep for one party member.
Blazing Ruby 45g Cures one party member from Freeze.
White Flame Rock 50g Cures one party member of Darkness.
Bind Healer 45g Cures one party member of Formation Paralysis.
Angel's Plume 150g Revives one KO'd party member with partial HP.


Item Price
Magma Fragment 30g
Crimson Treasure 100g
Cold Water Stone 30g
Rainbow Coral 100g
Wind Seal Leaf 30g
Tornado Leaf 100g
Quality Iron Sand 30g
Nutrition of the Earth 100g
Beast's Horn 35g
Raging Beast's Eye 100g
Junk Parts 50g
Pendulum 80g
Mysterious Perfume 125g
Magic Crystal 150g
Insect Innards 25g
Bug's Stomach 125g
Sharp Beak 40g
Monster Bird's Plume 150g
Kelo-Oil 150g
Kelo-Helmet 300g
Hard Skin 20g
Shark Skin 110g
Eastern Red Ore 50g
Ceremonial-Crystal 550g
Poison Oil 80g
Toxin Butterfly Scales 250g
Poisonous Red Snake 150g
Paraweed Thorn 75g
Paraweed Needle 200g
Magic-Sealing Feather 100g
Seal Cross 150g
Seed of Terror 80g
Mirror Stone of Fear 110g
Blinding Powder 150g
Dark Flame 300g
Sandman's Seal 25g
Nightmare Seal 500g
Living Gypsum 250g
Magic-Luring Stone 50g
Sticky Tape 20g
Gutsy Cloth 100g
Bent Needle 300g
Thief's Charm 500g
Thief's Key Ring 500g
Pumice of Despair 40g
Incense of Distrust 110g
Blood Sucking Needle 50g
Life Stealing Tooth 75g
Whetstone 15g
Beast Hide Rasp 100g
Black Pearl Powder 25g
Loud Bell 500g