Magic Lock Key


Magic Analysis Book

Location: In The Great Ancient Ruins.

Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit

  • Royal Seal - Follow the path (don't take any platforms) to the North Eastern corner of the room.


  • Magical Lock Key - On the third floor of the area in a storage room at the North end. Look for a gold chest
  • Magic Analysis Book (Composite Magic Lv 3) - South Western corner of the map there's a chest. After turning the light green, take the platform back down and head South until you reach it.
  • 4 Iron Balls of Ruin - After knocking the platform into place, ride down with Seth and go up the middle set of stairs to find a chest.
  • Reset (Spirit Magic Spell) - Take the stairs South of the chest with the Iron Balls of Ruin and ride the platform up. It's immediately in front of you

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