Aurora Bound Train


Move the Boxes to make a path


Slot Seed

This is a one time only Zone.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The password for the door is 9240
  • After the ice meteor hits If you don't move fast enough you will get frozen and die.
  • There's a Save Orb and a HP/MP Restore Orb in the Caboose


  • Slot Seed - In the first freight car on the left side prior to moving the box. It's a flashing object on the floor
  • Goddess Medicine - After going through the first 3 cars (These are the first set you start on with a box puzzle in the middle) you will come up to 2 more joined cars. The first car contains a box puzzle again and the chest will is hidden behind a box. The box is on the right at the end of the cart.


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Armored Train 5500 Mechanical None Magic Cannon, Protection None None
Glacier Beast A 640 Magic Water Ice Needle None Tornado Leaf
Glacier Fragment A 640 Magic Water Barricadus None Thief's Charm
Landwalker 515 Mechanical None Sleep-Shot None None
Striker 515 Magic None Sleep-Shot None None

Bosses Highlighted

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