Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
7,200 Fire None 1


Location Encountered Dropped
Temple of Enlightenment Purgatory Ore
Dark Demon Note
Forbidden Explosive
Stolen Rare Steal
Draining Stone

Death Powder

Abilities: Huge Poison Explosion, Resurrect
Susceptible To: Blind, Petrify, Seal
Weak Against: Element Water


Common enemy found in temple of enlightenment either in a packs of 4 - 6 and sometimes accompanied by other monsters. On the 1st turn of a battle these enemies will mostly perform physical attacks. However on the 2nd + turn of battle the front row will switch to their Huge Poison Explosion attack, whereby the enemy kills itself damaging the party and causes poison, and the back row Babbaloons will cast Resurrect on the dead allies. These enemies can be ideal to farm until around party level 65 if absorb fire and anti poison are utilized

Tips : Make sure you equip the Anti-Poison and Absorb Fire skills if possible and the explosion will heal your party. The back row always cast Resurrect when able and are susceptible to petrify magic or rings such as the Master Ring.

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