Seed 69

Seed #69

Seed 70

Seed #70

Seed 72

Seed #72

Location: In the City of Uhra.

Points of InterestEdit


  • 3 Sticky Tape - Before the first fork, a poster on your right.
  • 3 Pendulum - Left at the first fork, in a metal can on your left.
  • Seed #69 - Keep left when entering the area and you will find it in a gold pot.
  • Smelling Salts - Right at the fork along the western path, behind a poster to your left.
  • Groundus Bomb - In a black can up a ladder that sits half way down the alley to the right of the Save Orb.
  • Mana Capsule - End of the alley to the right of the Save Orb, in a pot behind a stack of boxes you need to ram.
  • 3 Poisonous Red Snakes - In a gold pot at the end of the alley to the left of the Save Orb. You need to ram some boxes to get there
  • Seed #70 - In a black can at the end of the alley left of the Save Orb, behind a stack of boxes that needs to be rammed.
  • Power Drink - Along the last alley that runs East/West there's a ladder on your left about half way down. Up top there's a pot.
  • Healing Herb - Behind a poster that sits on the left wall, near where the path turns South.
  • Healing Tank - End of the last alley that runs East/West, in a black can.
  • Cure-All - End of the alley that heads South, in a black can next to a ladder.
  • Seed #72 - In a pot in the alley behind Tolsan's Inn
  • 500G - Behind a poster that sits left of the Save Orb


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Gold Kelolon 270 Kelolon Water Multi-Slash, Kelolon Kelo-Oil, Kelolon Heart Kelo-Oil, Kelolon Heart, Kelo-Helmet
Guard Dog 200 ?? ?? None Sandman's Seal, Demon Sculpture Sandman's Seal, Beast Hide Rasp, Nightmare Seal
Kelolita 690 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Flee, Shieldus Magic-Sealing Feather, Spent Magic Engine Magic-Sealing Feather, Seal Cross
Uhran Infantry A 200 None None Command Seed of Terror, Manacles of Despair Gutsy Cloth, Seed of Terror

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