Back Alley Sewers



Location: In the City of Uhra.

Side QuestsEdit


  • Healing Tank - Cross the first bridge to the left of the ladder, in a chest.
  • 3 Thief's Key Ring - Jump across the platforms to the chest on the right
  • Flarus Bomb - Push the red button beside the platforms, jump across to the left chest.
  • 4 Nightmare Seal - Across the flood gates to the left, in a chest.
  • Goddess Medicine - Push the left most red button, then descend the ladder on the far side of the last flood gate to find a flashing object
  • The Level 5 Black Magic spell, All-Curse can be found by opening all the gates, then closing them in this order: middle, bottom, top. Then open the middle again. The south western pool should be 1/2 full of water; climb down ladder to get item. This is before you head to the small alleyway (as Seth).

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