Seed 63

Seed #63


Earrings of Wisdom

Location: In the Ice Canyon

Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit

  • Save Orb
  • The wind caves will push you off the ledge you are on. Wait until the wind stops before you run past them.


  • Seed #63 - Walk past the 3 wind tunnels and slide down to get to the chest
  • Cubic Music Score 5 - Walk past 3 wind tunnels and then slide down the slope. After getting the chest with the seed continue south east into Ice Gorge to find a chest.
  • Blazing Ruby - Immediately visible upon entering the area, in a brown chest.
  • 5 Tornado Leaf - After the three wind traps, look for a chest on a lower ledge, slide down as close to the chest as possible to land on the ledge and open it.
  • Earrings of Wisdom - Head down the left path near the hidden cave entrance and head east. There will be two wind traps that you must jump past to reach the chest.
  • Amulet - Chase after the penguin after you first encounter him at the end of the hidden cave and examine him to retrieve the item
  • Warm Vest - In the chest near the penguin's starting location.

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