Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Blue Dragon
Blue-dragon 01
HP Element Type SP Gold
9,350 None Organic 10 10,000
Dropped Stolen Location
Blue Dragon Eye None Snowfields of the Northern Land
Susceptible To:
Weak Against:
Bio Killer Rings
All-Curse Curses all party members
Prismus Inflicts a massive amount of random Elemental damage on all party members
Leveler Inflicts major damage on one party member
Death Instantly kills one party member
Forceus Deals major physical damage on one enemy

Boss Strategy

Its an easy encounter, you just have to equip skills that will defend you from All-Curse.

All Elemental Damage including that from rings, bombs and spells will heal the dragon.

Jansen is required to be in this fight. Take Seth and Kaim on front row and Jansen, Ming and Sarah on back. Use 3 Combo skill with Seth and Kaim, and double cast Forceus with all back row. If you're good enough you might kill him in 1 round.

When the battle is over you will get the strongest Black Magic spell in the game, Leveler.

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