Seed 20

Seed #20


Turn Tail Shoes

Location: Grand Staff Construction Base.

Three site workers are illegally fencing government property here. Although the three workers openly admit this, the player does not have the option of turning them in to any authorities.

Accessing this location for the first time requires that the player sneak passed two guards in the main zone and descend a ladder. The player can continue to do this, but moving some boxes outside the south exit yields unrestricted access.

Tip: Although at this time both Kaim and Seth can upgrade to a Lightweight Saber (weapon), if the player has collected all 20 seeds, then a small sum of gold can be saved by receiving the Adamantis Blade, which has a higher power rating, from the Pipot nearby.

Points of InterestEdit

Side QuestsEdit


Name Location Acquired
Seed #20 South end beside Resting Technician Holus "Probe" vase
Turn-Tail Shoes North end in a corner "Probe" vase

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