Business Minded Technician Tatoms

Location: Grand Staff Construction Base - Building Material Warehouse

Availability: Must complete Roshion's Short-Cut side quest to enter the Warehouse. This shop is available throughout the game.

NPC Type: Shop Keeper



Item Price Function
Healing Medicine 40g Restores 100 HP to one party member
Mana Herb 60g Restores 100 MP to one party member
Antidote 15g Cures poison for one party member
Anti-Paralysis Herb 20g Cures one party member of Paralysis
Angel's Plume 150g Revives one KO'd party member with partial HP.
Flare Bomb 100g Inflicts light Fire damage on one enemy.
Aqua Bomb 100g Inflicts light Water damage on one enemy
Wind Bomb 100g Inflicts light Wind damage on one enemy
Ground Bomb 100g Inflicts light Earth damage on one enemy


Type Name Power Cost
Sword Lightweight Saber 23 500g
Staff Saint Rod 23 550g


Item Price Enhancement
Platinum Gauntlet 270g Guard Heal
Knight's Code 270g Stand Ready
Novice Earrings 300g Level 1 Black-White Magic
Antidote Brooch 280g Anti-Poison
Hawk Eye 270g Factual Analysis


Type Spell Price
White Shield 200g
White Barricade 200g
Black Aqua 220g
Black Ground 220g


Item Price
Magma Fragment 30g
Cold Water Stone 30g
Wind Seal Leaf 30g
Quality Iron Sand 30g
Magic-Luring Stone 50g
Sticky Tape 20g
Whetstone 15g