Dream Dont-Forget-Me

Don't Forget Me Now, You Hear? Dream Trigger

Dream Lottery-Life

Lottery of Life Dream Trigger

Seed 38

Seed #38

Seed 39

Seed #39

Location: Free Ocean State of Numara

The Canal Street's bridge is designed to allow smaller naval vehicles to pass under it while the width of the entire road is to allow military land vehicles to drive through it when they leave the port to the north.


Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Save Orb at the southeast end of the street.


  • Don't Forget Me Now, You Hear? - Approach a stall on the right side of the north-south stretch containing green fruits
  • Portraitist of the Dead - Not available until after Lirum's funeral. Approach the pendulum at the peak of the large bridge.
  • Lottery of Life - Not available until the Nautilus has been acquired. In the bazaar, approach a young thief who is stealing from an old man.

Side QuestsEdit


Name Location Acquired
Mana Capsule Southeast end against the building slightly north next to the entrance "Probe" vase
Seed #38 On a large plant at the west end of the bridge stretch where the road bends "Examine" red object
10 Gold On the left at the south end of the small bridge "Probe" vase
Seed #39 Left side of the north end of the small bridge on a tree "Examine" red object
5x Poisonous Bones On the left in a concrete "front yard" containing many wooden barrels and crates "Probe" vase

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