Seed 19

Seed #19

Location: Ipsilon Mountains


Name Location Acquired
Cold Water Stone After pushing one cart across some tracks to advance, there is another cart sitting at the edge of a cliff to the left "Ram" cart
Seed #19 There is another cart overlooking a cliff at the eastern end of the zone "Ram" cart


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Big Owl 550 Aerial Wind Wind, Double Cast Healing Medicine Wind Seal Leaf, Sharp Beak
Magic Pebble 50 Magic Earth None Ground Bomb Healing Medicine, Whetstone
Magic Rock 40 Magic Earth Ground Mana Herb Quality Iron Sand
Sarbella 260 Beast Fire Roar, Counter Healing Medicine Healing Medicine, Beast's Horn


  • Sarbella x1 (Front Row), Big Owl x1 (Back Row)
  • Magic Rock x1, Magic Pebble x2
  • Big Owl x1
  • Dagger Bird x2, Sarbella x2

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