Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Cave Worm
Cave-worm 01
HP Element Type SP Gold
10,180 None Organic 10 10,000
Dropped Stolen Location
None None Forgotten Cave
Susceptible To:
Weak Against:
Bio Killer Rings
Triple Attack Attacks 3 times, can attack different party members
Earth Shake Damage to all party members
Complete Defense Nullifies all damage for a while
Stench Applies status ailments on all party members

Boss Strategy

Seth is a "must have" character for this fight.It would be great to have Ailment Resistance on all Immortals (learned from Angel Guard), and Absorb Damage skills. With these this boss encounter will be a piece of cake. Use 3 Combo and Forceus/Leveler on him and he'll be dead in no time. Standard attacks are very weak against this boss. It is worth considering leveling your mages (preferably immortals so they can make use of angel guards skill that protects them against all status ailments). Mack can also be useful in this fight by casting Minda/Mindus on your attacking mages. Another point to consider is that items are unavailable in this fight.

After battle you will get Gravity Rave and Gravity Ring combo for Seth (ultimate weapon apart from the white ignis but arguably it is better to get the gravity rave for Seth as you cannot have both Kaim and Seth's ultimate weapons). You will also get Aneira's Plume accessory that gives you Absorb Wind skill.

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