Seed 03

Seed #3

Seed 04

Seed #4

Location: Magic Republic of Uhra

The Central Station Square joins downtown Uhra with the local monorail station.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The magic taxi is located near the entrance to the monorail station
  • Lito, a cube musician, can be found here

Side Quests and ErrandsEdit


Listed in the order the player will most likely acquire them

Name Location Acquired
Seed #3 Next to a bench where a woman is seated "Kick" black object
2x Whetstone Tucked into the northwest corner under a black and orange awning "Kick" black object
Angel's Plume Against the north wall near a woman standing at a vending stall "Kick" black object
Seed #4 On the wall near a man standing next to his car "Examine" poster
Wind Seal Leaf One a metal support structure behind a man wearing white "Examine" poster


Enemies do not appear until Disc 3. Encounter in this zone is a one-time event battle.

Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Guard Dog 200 Beast None Normal attacks cause Dizzy Sandman's Seal Beast Hide Rasp, Sandman's Seal, Nightmare Seal
Uhran Infantry 200 None None Command Seed of Terror

Seed of Terror, Gutsy Cloth, Mirror Stone of Fear


  • Uhran Infantry x2, Guard Dog x1

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