Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
760 Water Magic 1 10g
Location Encountered Dropped
Grand Staff Adamantine Ore
Stolen Rare Steal
Beast Hide Rasp Guardian Ore
Abilities: Wall Guard, Combo Strikes, Break Hit
Susceptible To: Curse, Paralysis, Sleep, Terror, Virus
Weak Against:


Colbas, they sometimes appear in battle along with Shiida, protecting Alchemists, they have very good attacks and can deal about 400 damage to any one of your characters of your characters, Unfortunately since these monsters can use Break Hit not even your magic users on the back row are safe from this attack. They can also land Combo Strikes which will hit you twice in a row to double the damage. Fortunatly they have a very low HP and your magic users should be able to take them out using Grounda or Groundus that or your physical attackers can take them out easily too. They also sometimes occasionally waste their turn by casting Wall Guard. There will be two of them and two Shiidas (their near-clones) at a time though, so the offense can add up. You should be aiming to take them out as quickly as you can!

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