Command skills as the name suggests are not passive buffs but rather give you another attack or buff option in your combat screen. To get their benefit you must actively use them. Commands are mostly learned from mortals but there are several that are learned from Accessories as well.


Skill Name SP Cost Description Accessory Skill Link MP Cost
Turn-Tail 8 Enables you to always flee from battle. Turn-Tail Shoes Sed (35) None
Steal 5 Steal an item from one enemy. Thief's Bracelet Jansen (10), Sed (35) None
Taunt 8 Taunted enemy will direct attacks against user. Mack (22), Sed (35) 5
Stand Firm 25 Reduces GC loss when attacked for a short while. 10 Kilo Weight Mack (40) 5
Complete Defense 15 Nullifies all damage for a while. Tolten (43) 20
Casting Support 10 Reduces the spell-casting time for one party member. Cooke (15) 20
Concentrate 15 Reduces the spell-casting time of the user. Cooke (15) 10
MP Gift 5 Transfers some of the user's MP to another party member Tolten (34) 12.5%
Huge MP Gift 8 Transfers some of the user's MP to another party member Tolten (49) 25%
MP Convert 10 Turns remaining HP into MP (once per battle). Cooke (40) None
Prayer 8 Recovers the HP of one party member. Cooke (16) None
Lullaby 10 Puts enemies to sleep and ends the battle. Tolten (25) None
Award Medal 10 Raises the abilities of one party member. Tolten (25) 20
Magic Seal 10 Nullifies the effect of a spell cast by one enemy (once per battle). Sed (35) 20
Counter Seal 10 Nullifies the enemy's counter attack (once per battle). Sed (35) 20
Power Hit 15 Inflicts a powerful and damaging attack on one enemy. Mack (15), Tolten (25) 10
Break Hit 15 Bypasses any defense and directly inflicts damage on one enemy. Tolten (31) 30
Member Hit 15 Inflicts damage on one enemy based on the member difference. Tolten (28) 10
Skill Hit 15 Inflicts damage on one enemy based on currently equipped skills. Scroll of Secret Skills 10
Slot Hit 15 Inflicts damage on one enemy depending on your allies' empty Skill Slots. Scroll of Balance 10
Combo 20 Consecutively attacks one enemy twice in a row. Mack (15) 10
3 Combo 30 Consecutively attacks one enemy three times in a row. Mack (46) 30
Ultimate Hit 50 Inflicts damage on all enemies. (Unable to act for several turns. Reduces GC to 0.) Tolten (*) 100
Cut Down 20 Inflicts damage on enemy front row and reduces enemy GC. Scroll of Dissection Tolten (25) 20
All Hit 30 Inflicts damage on all enemies. Tolten (46) 30
Wall 40 Slightly increases GC of the front row. Mack (15) 10
Walla 45 Increases GC of the front row. Mack (37) 30
Wallus 50 Significantly increases GC of the front row. Mack (52) 50

* Not gained at a specific level. Defeat the Golden Knight to earn the skill.

% The percentages for MP Gift are of the user's current MP - that amount is transferred to the target character.

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