Kelolon Spell

Location: Free Ocean State of Numara / Ghost Town

This house is the living place of Cooke and Mack as well as their mother, Lirum, and father prior to the parents' deaths. Lirum probably lived here, or at least somewhere else inside Numara, from shortly after her separation from Kaim and Sarah until her death. Although a doctor urged her to move out in favor of a more healthy living environment, Lirum stayed, probably in memory of her late husband.

Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a doctor's notice to Lirum on the shelf which the player can read
  • Resting here restores the party's HP and MP
  • There is a Save Orb up stairs


Name Location Acquired
3x Eastern Red Ore Lower floor hidden behind the table "Probe" vase
Kelolon (White magic) Up stairs on the landing "Open" treasure chest
1 Gold Opposite the beds in the cabinet "Open" cabinet

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