Grand Staff


He brought friends!


Jansen's bad day just got worst

Location: Sea of Baus

Crater Island is the island on which Grand Staff is constructed.

Tip: As there is no means to restore the HP and MP of the party prior to the ensuing boss battle, it is wise to use the "Quit Game-Continue" exploit. Use the Save Orb to save the game, quit the game, and then reload the save. The party's HP and MP will be completely restored.


Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Save Orb along the trail at the top of the stairs
  • There is a Refresh Orb to the left outside the Grand Staff entrance. Does not become accessible until after the boss battle.


Name Location Acquired
4x Pumice of Despair To the left of the first set of stairs on a sandy mound "Open" treasure chest
All-Barricade (White Magic) At the end of a cliff trail branching from the landing of the third staircase "Open" treasure chest
Sage's Protection Not available until after boss battle. To left of Jansen between large red container and three metal boxes "Open" treasure chest
Healing Potion Not available until after boss battle. Right of Grand Staff entrance hidden behind a gate and purple glowing column "Open" treasure chest


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Bogimoray 1,830 Organic Fire Absorb, Para-Flare None None
Magic Insect 240 Organic Wind Charge Magic, Appear, Force Magic-Luring Stone Whetstone, Insect Innards
Numara Soldier 370 None None None None None
Numara White Magician 370 None None Heal, Shield Circlet Circlet


  • Bogimoray (x2, consecutive); Magic Insect (x5, infinite respawn)
  • Numara Soldier x5 (Front Row); Numara White Mage (Back Row)

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