Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
1,700 None Beast 2 350g
Location Encountered Dropped
Ice Canyon Beast's Horn
Raging Beast's Eye
Stolen Rare Steal
Blood Cloth Crystal


Abilities: Full Swing
Susceptible To: Blind, Paralysis, Petrify, Sleep, Terror, Virus
Weak Against: Beast Killer Rings


Dandoman are the toughest enemies you will encounter in the Ice Canyon aside from the boss fight that will occur there. Their regular attacks are decent, but what they are most dangerous for is Full Swing, which will do 200-300 damage to your front row. They aren't capable of doing as much damage as Behemoths, but they aren't weak against magic. That means you'll have to focus a few spells and attacks to take one of them down -- and there's often two of them in the same fight. Because of the fact that they have 1,700 HP, another function of one of these guys is to protect the back row of enemies. If there's two of them, that equates to 3,400 GC: a very strong defense to overcome. The only enemy that should take a priority over a Dandoman is the Elmon, so that you can protect your items.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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