Lost Odyssey Enemy
Diamond Kelolon
Diamond Kelolon
HP Element Type SP Gold
360 Water Kelolon 15 2000
Location Encountered Dropped
Experimental Staff Remains Ancient Statue
Gorgon Mask
Stolen Rare Steal
Kelolon's Soul Living Brass
Abilities: Death, Counter
Susceptible To:
Weak Against: Element Earth, Kelo-Killer


Diamond Kelolon will either Flee in the first round or be casting Death for round three. It appears to be immune to all Magic / Usable Items / Status Effects, and will Counter all melee attacks which are not evaded.

Use Counter Seal on Kaim, Seth and Sed to stop Diamond Kelolon from using Counter. Then attack it with Combo to increase number of chances to land an attack. The fight may last for three or more rounds due to Diamond Kelolon's high evasion, so cast Reflect on all party members to counter Death (or simply use Magic Seal).

Floors Found OnEdit

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