Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
HP Element Type SP Gold
20,160 None Organic 10 8,000
Dropped Stolen Location
Slot Seed (will not drop if you have already stolen it) Slot Seed Ice Canyon
Susceptible To:
Immune to All Status Effects
Weak Against:
Tail Crush Damages all Party members
Bind Voice Causes Formation Paralysis to all party members.
Headbutt Causes 660-700 damage to all party members and moves all members to the front row.
Counter Performs a counter attack against the enemy's regular attacks

Boss Strategy

Dinozaoro is the eighth boss in Lost Odyssey. A massive reptilian beast resembling a carnosaur, it is first seen trapped in a wall of ice in the Ice Canyon, only to break out and attack the party when Mack goes to examine it.


Dinozaoro has low defense, but decent HP, no elemental weaknesses, and very high strength. Its regular physical attack deals around 900 damage to a single target, and its special attacks include:

  • Bind Voice, which prevents you from switching your party's formation.
  • Headbutt, which deals between 200 and 500 damage to the entire party and forces everyone into the front row.
  • Tail Crush, which hits the front row of your party for around 150-200 damage.

In addition to this, Dinozaoro has a counterattack that can do between 600 and 700 damage to an attacker; this seems to be more frequent when the attacker uses a physical skill.


First of all, try to get at least one of your Immortals equipped with the Free-Form ability - that way, they'll be immune to Dinozaoro's Bind Voice and capable of resetting your formation after a Headbutt. It's not necessary, but it can help if the formation disruption gets too problematic.

At the start of the battle, cast Powerus on Seth and Kaim, and then get Regenera on them. Mack should be the one doing this, but you can use Ming or Sarah if they have the proper Spirit Magic levels. If you're using Jansen, he should cast his strongest elemental spells or support the party with Zephyr. Seth and Kaim should be using Combo until they get low on MP (you can then have someone restore it with an item while Seth or Kaim just use a regular attack that turn). Once Mack has no more buffing to do, you can just toss All-Shield on your party or get Regenera on some other people, just in case - he usually won't do enough damage to risk being counterattacked.

Once you've got all your buffs up, resume your assault with Kaim, Seth, and Jansen (if he's on the team). Have your casters focus on healing with Zephyr(a) and Heala, but Sarah and Ming can throw some second-tier Black Magic at the boss if they get a chance. If you're packing All-Generate, consider throwing it up as well - the extra healing can mitigate some of the damage everyone will be picking up from Dinozaoro's multi-target attacks.

Dinozaoro has over 20,000 HP, so the battle won't be quick, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with it if your party members are at level 30 or 31. If you DO happen to have problems with this fight, Cover is your best friend. In general, you should be okay as long as everyone's HP is always high enough to endure a hit from Dinozaoro's standard physical attack. Just remember to reset your party's formation afterward!

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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