This is a checklist of all items needed to complete the Treasure Trove Achievement found in Disc 1. For a PDF version of this list that's easy to print out Click Here.

Highlands of WohlEdit

Highlands of Wohl are a temporary zone all items missed can be bought from the Auction House in Saman.


Edge of WastelandEdit


The City of UhraEdit

The Great GateEdit

Inside the TowerEdit

The Great Gate StationEdit

The Central StationEdit

Central Station SquareEdit

Main StreetEdit

Tolsan's InnEdit

Virno's TavernEdit

Residential AreaEdit

Magic Research LabEdit


Ipsilon MountainsEdit

Valley RoadEdit

Near Mountain HutEdit

Mountain HutEdit

Northern RidgeEdit

Southern SlopeEdit

Cart TrackEdit

Mining SiteEdit

Grand Staff Construction BaseEdit

Engineer's Resting RoomEdit

Building Material WarehouseEdit

Must complete Errand: Roshion's Short-Cut to gain accesses.


Sea of BausEdit

Most of the Sea of Baus is a temporary zone all items missed can be bought from the Auction House in Saman.

Eastern ShoreEdit

Rocks near Sunken ShipEdit

Reef ShallowsEdit

Beach of the WastesEdit

Crater IslandEdit

White BoaEdit

Engine AreaEdit

Guest AreaEdit

City of NumaraEdit

Numara Palace FacadeEdit

White SquareEdit

Thelran's InnEdit

Main StreetEdit

Nalia's Item ShopEdit

Must complete Errand: The Lonely Chuchu's Treasure to get access to the backroom where the items are.

Ninn's BoutiqueEdit

Artists' SalonEdit

Canal StreetEdit

Meia Family Art StudioEdit

Katyla Family HouseEdit

Sanuman Family HouseEdit

City of RuinsEdit

Funeral Procession BeachEdit

Cooke's and Mack's HouseEdit

Crimson ForestEdit

Maze of GloomEdit

Near SwampEdit

Chamber of Stone TabletsEdit

Dungeon ShrineEdit

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