This is a checklist of all items needed to complete the Treasure Trove Achievement found in Disc 2.

Crimson ForestEdit

Maze of GloomEdit

Near SwampEdit


Numara PalaceEdit

Numara AtollEdit

Mountain Village of ToscaEdit


Old Man Bosso's HouseEdit

Deeno Family HouseEdit

Tolty's InnEdit

Northern CapeEdit

Old Sorceress' MansionEdit


Entrance HallEdit


Entrance Hallway left sideEdit

Hallway Right Side (in the mirror)Edit

Hallway right sideEdit

Entrance Hall (in the mirror)Edit

Old Sorceress' HermitageEdit

Northern CapeEdit

Old Sorceress' Mansion - ExteriorEdit

Black CaveEdit

Maze of DarknessEdit

Foul SwampEdit

The Great Hall of Foul CreaturesEdit


The Great Hall of Foul CreaturesEdit

City of SamanEdit

Erlio Family HouseEdit

Kersen's InnEdit

Emelo's TavernEdit

Main StreetEdit

House of Riordan the MerchantEdit

Audun's Item ShopEdit

Port of SamanEdit

Experimental StaffEdit

Experimental Staff is a temporary zone all items missed can be bought from the Auction House in Saman.

Samanese Merchant ShipEdit

Marine DivisionEdit

Power DivisionEdit

Operation DivisionEdit

Upper DivisionEdit

Outer DivisionEdit

Power DivisionEdit

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