Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Don Laploss
Don 01
HP Element Type SP Gold
1,710 Fire Beast 2 300
Dropped Stolen Location
Don Laploss Claws Don Laploss Claws Frozen Trail
Susceptible To:
Blind, Curse, Petrify, Seal, Sleep, Virus
Weak Against:
Element Water, Beast Killer Rings
Cry Calls more Gyaploss to the battle.

Boss Strategy

Don Laploss is like one of the Gyaploss that you'll find in the tracks, except he has a special signifigance to a side-quest. To face him you have to get into a fight with some of the regular Gyaploss and keep at least one alive, until it uses Cry (Note: the Gyaploss will appear in groups of three or four. Don Laploss will not appear if you are fighting a group of three, but will appear rather quickly if you met the stronger group). When the Gyaploss will use cry, you'll then either have Don come into battle, or another regular enemy. He may appear right away, it may take a while. The only thing worth noting about him is that he's Fire-type rather than Wind-type, so use a water spell to take him down. Once you do that you'll gain the Don Laploss Claws, which you can turn in to the trader at the refugee camp for a reward: A Sacred Ring and a Sacred Torch.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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