Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep! is the third downloadable content pack for Lost Odyssey. It provides a new dungeon, Professor K's Dungeon found in the Experimental Staff Revisited with new 6 new accessories (with 6 new skills!), 7 new rings and new enemies, 25 slot seeds, and new boss.


New LocationsEdit

New AccessoriesEdit

New RingsEdit

New EnemiesEdit

New MinibossesEdit

There are 2 minibosses that are repeatable random encounters. They drop rare accessories.

New BossEdit

New NPCsEdit


Ring ComponentsEdit


  • Reached Conference Area 5B
  • Reached Conference Area 10B
  • Reached Conference Area 15B
  • Reached Conference Area 20B
  • Reached Conference Area 25B
  • Defeated Killalon

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