The statues come alive if you get close to them

Slotseed 09

Slot Seed

Location: The Sorcerer's Shrine in the Crimson Forest.

Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit


  • Slot Seed - To the right of the Save Orb past the two South Eastern Earth Colossi.
  • Crystal Fragment - At the top of the stairs between the first and second set of stairs
  • Crystal Fragment - In a plant between two North Western Earth Colossi
  • Crystal Fragment - Hiding behind the middle set of stairs at the bottom
  • Cubic Music Score 2 - In a chest past the two North Western Earth Colossi
  • Lucky Clover - At the bottom of the third set of stairs
  • Curse (Black Magic Spell) - In a chest to the left of the Save Orb

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