Lost Odyssey Enemy
Earth Colossus
Earth Colossus Stats
HP Element Type SP Gold
1,220 Earth Hardened / Spirit Magic 2 155
Location Encountered Dropped
Crimson Forest Eastern Red Ore
Stolen Rare Steal
Hard Skin None
Abilities: Charge, Hammer
Susceptible To: Blind, Petrify, Seal, Sleep, Terror, Toxin, Virus
Weak Against: Harden Killer Rings, Spirit Killer Rings


These guys have a lot of HP, and due to them being Hardened, it's not easy to take off with physical attacks. You'll have to either use a Piercing Ring, or use Wind Magic. On the bright side, their physical attacks are surprisingly low. This, however, is offset by the fact that if they use Charge, they'll follow it up with a devastating Hammer attack. That will do nearly 500 points of damage, which is not weak by any means. You'll find these guys protecting some items in the room before you face the Obsidian boss, and those fights are avoidable. They appear during random encounters as well, though -- and sometimes two of them together.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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