Lost Odyssey Enemy
Eastern Warrior
Eastern Warrior
HP Element Type SP Gold
2,160 None Spirit Magic 1 400g
Location Encountered Dropped
The Great Ancient Ruins Mother Nature's Spirit
Loud Bell
Roaring Iron Claw
Round Spirit Stone
Stolen Rare Steal
Frontier Siderite Magic Power Device
Abilities: Delay,All Fall, Reversa, Slower, Regenerus
Susceptible To: Blind, Sleep, Terror, Virus
Weak Against: Spirit Killer Rings


Eastern Warriors aren't particularly aggressive or strong but they have a lot of HP which means it will take several attacks to take one of them down. In the mean time they'll probably afflict atnleast one of your characters with Delay, slowing down they're actions. That's all they are really: annoyances who will appear alongside other enemies, and cast Delay on you. All-Fall will almost always miss. Since these enemies are simply here to annoy you, they should not be the focus of your attacks to begin with. They are often on the enemies back row anyway which means it will get extra protection from the GC. These enemies attack slowly usually taking 2 - 3 turns to perform a move so by that time you might have already destroyed the front line. They have no element so any kind of magic can be used on them although Forcea seems to work particularly well if you have it already.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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