Also learned exclusively from accessories. Elemental skills offer protection or immunity to elemental damage.


Skill Name SP Cost Description Accessory
Fire Resistance Up 20 Reduces Fire Element damage. Fire Charm
Water Resistance Up 20 Reduces Water Element damage. Water Charm
Wind Resistance Up 20 Reduces Wind Element damage. Wind Charm
Earth Resistance Up 20 Reduces Earth Element damage. Earth Charm
Elements Resistance Up 40 Reduces Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Element damage. Quad-Element Charm
Fire Proof 25 Nullifies Fire Element damage. Blazing Fire Amulet
Water Proof 25 Nullifies Water Element damage. Ice Water Amulet
Wind Proof 25 Nullifies Wind Element damage. High Wind Amulet
Earth Proof 25 Nullifies Earth Element damage. Ochre Earth Amulet
Nullify All Elements 50 Nullifies Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Element damage. Quad-Element Amulet
Absorb Fire 50 Absorbs Fire Element damage. Sarah's Notebook
Absorb Water 50 Absorbs Water Element damage. Blue Dragon Eye
Absorb Wind 50 Absorbs Wind Element damage. Aneira's Plume
Absorb Earth 50 Absorbs Earth Element damage. Pipot Collar
Absorb All Elements 100 Absorbs Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Element damage. Quad-Element Seal

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