Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Elmon Leader
HP Element Type SP Gold
4,800 (6,000 With Crown) Earth None 1 150
Dropped Stolen Location
Wind Seal Leaf
Tornado Leaf
Bent Needle
(Mind Bangle With Elmon Crown)
Bent Needle
Jet Black Cloth
Mind Bangle
Ice Canyon
Susceptible To:
Seal, Sleep, Terror, Virus
Weak Against:
Element Wind
Item Blast 50 damage for every item that was stolen from you
All-Seal With crown, Seals all party members
All-Flara With crown, Deals Fire damage to all party members
All-Aquara With crown, Deals Water damage to all party members

Boss Strategy

As you may know, Elmons in the Ice Canyon are dirty little thieves. They can take an item from you by using Steal, and will immediately run off with it. Well, in the Ice Gorge area of the canyon you can find a group of Elmons that will fight you if you've had an item stolen. The Elmon Leader will be among them. Now there are actually two different fights you can have with this leader. In one fight, he'll have 4,800, and will repeatedly use Item Blast for 200 points of damage. That fight's easy. The second fight will occur if the Elmons have stolen the Elmon Crown from you. In this fight he has 6,000 HP, Item Blast does 250 points of damage, and he comes with the All-Seal spell ready. He's still not difficult, but the fight can take a while without magic. Consider equipping a Seal Blocker on Sarah and Jansen, or bringing some Seal Clears to the battle.

Elmon Leader is the only source of Mind Bangle in the game.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

Alternate StrategyEdit

First time you encounter the boss, he will have 4800 HP and only Item Blast skill. But after you beat Dinozaoro look on your right for a passage, you will get to a chest and a Royal Seal. In that chest you will find Elmon Crown, a key item that will allow you to fight Elmon Leader again. You can also pass 1st battle with Leader and go for the Crown, and just fight the Leader in crown, its your call. After you get the crown, make sure an Elmon steals it from you. You can pick the fight with the Leader after this. Before fight make sure that you have Anti-Seal on casters. When you start fight take out Elmons with All-Winda. Cast Powera on Seth and Kaim and go for the Leader. This time he have some new spells stored, first he will try to seal your party's magic. If you have Anti-Seal this fight is a piece of cake. Combo on Leader and Wind spells. After the fight Elmon Leader will return all stolen items to you, and give you Mind Bangle (MP Max Up 2).

See Errand: The Elmon Crown for more information.

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