Kelo Brigadier Captain
HP Element Type Row
6,780 Kelolon Water Back
Abilities: Multi-Slash, All-Powerus, All-Shieldus, All-Barricadus, Generatus, Zephyrus
Weak Against: Element Earth Kelo Killer Rings

Kelo-Ranger X 3
HP Element Type Row
3,390 Kelolon Water Front
Abilities: Combination, Death
Weak Against: Element Earth Kelo Killer Rings

Flavor Text: The Kelolon Commander fights for the pride of the Kelolon Battalion

Class: Heavy Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Defeat all enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Kill the Kelo Brigadier Captain first

Three Star Victory Strategy

You need to inflict some damage on the front row without killing them to lower the GC. You must kill the Brigadier Captain without killing any of the Rangers. Use Cut Down to eliminate the GC. Assault the Captain while using a caster to Dispel his buffs as he casts them. Immortals and Persistence are a must here. If you are lucky enough to have Absorb Attack and Absorb Magic, equip them as they are very valuable in this match. After he is dead, the other three fall like card houses. The trick is to kill the Captain before he starts casting Generatus on himself.

On a side may want to take Counter off of Kaim and Seth so they don't murder the little guys.

2 Star Reward: 10 Kelo-Oil

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed

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