Talk to the Crow


When you first come to Saman you will notice a crow in a stand next to the tree on main street. He will offer to sell you a variety of items for 50g. You do not get to choose the item. The items rotate between Healing Medicine, Mana Herb, Soul Medicine, Cure-All and if you are lucky Awakening Bracelet. Keep buying items from him till you get the bracelet. After you return from Experimental Staff the crow will be gone, so do this quest before you leave.

A fairly cheap and quick tip to get the Awakening Bracelet is to make sure you have 99 of both Healing Medicine and Mana Herb. Since those two items come up more often than the others and you can't carry more, the crow will give your money back each time he attempts to give them to you. If you end up spending all of your money on cure-alls and soul medicine you can sell those for more than the 50 gold you paid for them. This also means you can only profit from trading with the crow!


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