Crimsom-forest 01

Kaim making use of the elevator

After you save Mack and take the elevator out of the dungeon, you'll notice a machine with a light glowig on top of it. Examine it and you'll see an event with your characters saying that you can access different areas now. Examine it again, the light will go out and all of the small elevators in the forest will begin functioning. There are two in the Maze of Gloom and two in the Near Swamp.

In the Gloomy Maze you can get a Seed and the Demon Warrior's Blade and the Demon Warrior Ring, both very good pieces of equipment for Kaim and Seth. In the Swamp you can take the elevators to get Refresh (A level 1 Spirit Magic Spell) for Mack.


Maze of Gloom

  • Seed #43 - Once Mack rejoins your party, use the 1st elevator you come to. The seed is found in a stone pillar after the tree bridge.
  • Demon Warrior's Blade - Middle of the western most path, ride the elevator up and ram the stone pillar.
  • Demon Warrior Ring - Found with Demon Warrior's Blade

Near Swamp

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