Flower Seed

Map Location: City of Numara
Area: Numara Palace Facade
Errand Starter: Animal Adoring Rona
Available After: After Grand Staff is back in the Sea of Baus
Prerequisite: Trapped Bird errand.


You will find Rona again back in Numara Palace Facade, a little south of where you helped the bird. She tells you her mother won't let her get flower seeds from Ghost Town to go in the garden in front of the Palace. She asks you to go and get some flower seeds for her.

Go into Ghost Town to the Tenderflora garden you first met Cooke and Mack at. Pick up the sparkling item, the Flower Seed.

Go back to Rona in in Numara Palace Facade and give her the seed. In return, she'll thank you and give you 5 Sealing Stones.


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