Pick up a Meal Ration from Alizia


Bodonov has your reward

Map Location: Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Area: Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Errand Starter: Bodonov
Available After: You reach the Camp


At the Gohtzan Refugee Camp talk to the man named Bodonov on the top of the hill who mentions he needs to deliver the food, but can't. Offer to deliver the food for him and run (hold down the X button to run) over to the woman sitting to the left of the pot at the front of the refugee camp (Alizia). She will give you a Meal Ration.

If Alizia tells you that she's already given out the food then you'll need to start over. Leave the Gohtzan Refugee Camp Exterior by leaving the zone all together or entering and then exiting one of the tents. With the Meal Ration in hand head on back to Bodonov to get your reward.


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