Elmon-crown 02

Pick up the Crown after the Boss Fight

Elmon-crown 01

Them's Fight'n words!


One of the mobs you'll encounter while in Ice Canyon is an Elmon. They have the ability to steal items from you (even accessories you happen to be wearing at the time). You are probably going to want your stolen goods back.

After an Elmon steals from you head on over to Ice Gorge. Go up the ramp and across the bridge that goes across the path. After that hug the wall to the right and you'll come upon a group of 3 Elmons. They'll accuse you of stealing their crown even though they are the ones that have stolen from you. Enter into battle with them and when you are victorious you will get your items back. Unfortunately that's not the end of it. After you leave you'll run into our furry friends again and they will steal from you. Now you can return and get your items back like before and continue this cycle indefinitely or you could put a stop to it.

After you defeat Dinozaoro you will get the Elmon Crown, the very thing that they are accusing you of stealing. Wait until one of the Elmon's steal the crown from you (it might take a few times) and then return to the group of them. This time around you'll notice that the Elmon Leader is a bit more powerful but it's still an easy fight. After you defeat them they agree not to steal any more of your items, and you get a Mind Bangle as a boss drop.


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