On the upper floor of Tolty's Inn in Tosca there is a girl standing in front of a large kelolon statue. Talk to her and she will ask you if you want to pay your respects to the statues. Accept and you are transported outside and have 5 minutes to visit all 16 statues. Some of the statues have people in front of them and you will have to wait for them to move.

Statue LocationsEdit

Statue 1
The large Statue in the middle of the stream.
Statue 2 & 3
To the left of the 1st saute next to the fence near the river. The 3rd one is just beyond the 2nd along the fence.
Statue 4
Behind the inn there is a statue at the base of the ladder.
Statue 5, 6 & 7
Climb the ladder behind the inn for 3 statues
Statue 8
Behind the waterfall: to get to it you must jump across some stones. There is a person blocking your way.
Statue 9
On the top floor of Tolty's Inn
Statue 10
At the top of the lookout tower in front of the inn. There is a man standing in front of the ladder, he will move when the timer is around 2:00.
Statue 11
Across the bridge on the eastern (left) side of the village.
Statue 12 & 13
Two statutes at the northern exit of the town.
Statue 14
In Old Man Bosso's House (bottom floor on the right side).
Statue 15
Deeno Family House on the first floor on top of a cabinet. There are 2 people blocking the way into the house.
Statue 16
At the top of the ladder behind Behind Old Man Bosso's House. The man standing in front of it will move away when 20 seconds remain on the clock. You will have just enough time to climb the ladder and get to the statue.

After your 5 minutes are up the game takes you back to the inn. If you got all 16 in 5 minutes you will get all of the rewards. If you didn't get all the statues you can try again as many times as you like with no penalty.