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Chuchu in Nalia's Item Shop


Find Chuchu's shell and return to the kids

This errand is actually comprised of three parts. All of them are associated with the same NPC, but the NPC is found in three different locations and wants you to do three different tasks each time. Additionally, they must be completed in the order presented here.

You're "it"Edit


Talk to Chuchu (identifiable by the large cat ears that she wears) on the east side of the White Square in Numara. When she asks you if her ears looks funny, select "Not really". When she asks you if you want to play her, select "Sure".


Chuchu will challenge you to catch her as she runs around the White Square. She is very slow. Move to her, and press the confirm button.


Ready or not, here I comeEdit


Talk to Chuchu at Main Street where the woman on the Gondola is.


Go north across the bridge and turn left. Turn into the last alley; the one next to Nalia's Item Shop. Enter the door on the right side in the alley (if you attempted to open this door prior to starting this errand, you will discover that it was previously locked). Chuchu is hiding inside.


  • Mana Earrings
  • The ability to finish the Gondola Date errand
  • Access to the in-field items contained inside the shop

Chuchu's TreasureEdit


Talk to Chuchu on Canal Street where the road bends at any time after acquiring the White Boa.


  1. Go to the northeast end the Port of Numara near the hangar where the Slantnose was harbored.
  2. "Pick up" a glowing object that lies north of the guard.
  3. Return that object to Chuchu.


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