The Trooky Talisman


This quest is pretty much identical to The Elmon Crown. Only instead of taking place in the Ice Canyon it takes place in the The Great Ancient Ruins. Much like the Elmons the Trookies will steal items and accessories from you. You can get your items back by battling the Trooky Queen. You can find her in Lunar Palace as you are walking to the bottom floor. She'll be in one of the side rooms at the bottom of the north east corner and is easy to miss so keep a look out.

To put a stop to all the stealing what you need to do is find the Trooky Talisman. The talisman is in a chest in the south eastern part of Lunar Palace. You can fight the queen and get your items back just by posessing the talisman, but to put a stop to the stealing, and to get your reward, you must allow one of the Trookies to steal it from you, and then return to the queen and do battle with her. The more items she has stolen from you, the stronger her item blast attack will be. After you defeat her the Trookies will agree to stop stealing from you and you'll get a nice reward.

The Hanging Corridor between the Lunar Palace and the Astral Square is a good place to hunt Trookies to wait for them to steal from you.


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