Injured Bird

Map Location: City of Numara
Area: Main Street
Errand Starter: Animal Adoring Rona
Available After: The second battle with General Kakanas
Prerequisite: Lost Dog errand.


This time you will find Rona with her dog Moo on Main Street between Ninn's Boutique and Nalia's Item Shop. When you talk to her, she will again thank you for reuniting her with Moo and will then tell you about a bird that is trapped in the rubble of the fallen monument outside the palace. This time she doesn't ask for your help -- she sternly tells you to "...get that bird outta there!"

Go to the palace façade, where you first met Rona, and go up the steps onto the lawn area. You will see a bird perched on some broken stonework. If you press the A button while facing the bird, you will be asked if you want to pick the bird up. Answer "yes" and you will be given an interactive (still-life) cut-scene.

During the cut-scene, Rona will thank you and begin to medicate the bird. She will find 6 Ancient Statues in the bird's wings (how is that possible?) and give them to you.


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