Lost Odyssey Enemy
Experiment No. 28
HP Element Type SP Gold
565 None Mechanical 2 250g
Location Encountered Dropped
Uhra Sewers Thief's Key Ring
Poisonous Red Snake
Toxin Butterfly Scales
Stolen Rare Steal
Sticky Tape Poisonous Bones
Abilities: Toxin, Prismus, Forceus
Susceptible To: Curse, Petrify, Sleep, Terror
Weak Against: Machine Killer Rings


These are the big boys of the sewer. They have some vicious attacks like Prismus, which will damage everyone, and Forceus which will damage one person. They also have Toxin, which will give you a version of Poison that's on steroids; it'll probably take 300-400 damage off per turn. Not only this, it seems like all of the enemies that come to the battle with them want to help them out. The Magic Towers will cast Casting Support to allow these guys to use Prismus in a single turn (ouch!) while the Large Snails will use Melting Fluid to lower the magic defense of one of your party members. The best thing you can do is prioritize: Take out the Magic Towers first, then go for the Snails before targeting the 28s. Note, though: Experiment No. 44 should ALWAYS be taken out first, due to its one-hit death attacks.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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