Experimental Staff Research Division
Vital statistics
Type Pit Dungeon
Level ~60
Location Under the Inland Sea
Inhabitants Magical and Mechanical

Available through DLC pack Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep!. It is a good idea to save before entering this area.


Once inside you will be restricted to returning and exiting only after you have traveled through 5 floors. The entrance counts as one of them. Elevators can only be accessed on those levels. Good thing about this, you also get a "X Floor Accessed" Achievement. There are 25 floors with an optional boss on the final floor. There are record devices that will provide a back story into the Experimental Staff side of the story, accessible on each floor. Typical enemies will be tougher and higher leveled as you descend into the depths.


Found in the west East part of the inland sea. Access with White Boa and Nautilus. Break through the barrier ice with the white boa and submerge with the Nautilus to find access. Alternatively, you can fly to the inland sea with the Nautilus and submerge and discover the entrance.

When the party returns to the surface, Cartographer Mardohl will give them a reward. The first time you reach a level you get a unique reward as listed below. Each time the party resurfaces from that level again you will receive 5 Heal Full from Cartographer Mardohl instead of the unique reward.




Floors 1B-4BEdit

Floors 5B-9BEdit

Floors 10B-14BEdit

Floors 15B-19BEdit

Floors 20B-24BEdit

Floor 26BEdit


Main Floor

  • 5 Healing Tanks
  • Development Chief Log 1
  • 3 Mana Bottles
  • Security Guard Log

Floor 1B

  • Development Chief Log 2
  • Slot Seed
  • Research Log

Floor 2B

  • 5 Magic Staff Fragment(s)
  • Development Chief Log 3
  • Junior Researcher Log 1

Floor 3B

  • Ruins Life
  • Magic Observer Log 1
  • 3 Magic Storing Stone(s)
  • Research Log

Floor 4B

  • Junior Researcher Log 2
  • Development Chief Log 4

Floor 5B

  • Professor K Log 1
  • Slot Seed
  • Professor K Log 2

Floor 6B

  • Beat Stones x5
  • Development Chief Log 5
  • Development Chief Log 6

Floor 7B

  • Tidal Wave (Ring)
  • Magic Researcher Log 1
  • Junior Researcher Log 3

Floor 8B

Floor 9B

  • Technical Research Log 1
  • Research Log

Floor 10B

Floor 11B

  • 3 Goddess Medicines
  • Development Chief Log 8
  • Development Chief Log 9

Floor 12B

  • Slot Seed
  • Magic Researcher Log 2
  • Technical Researcher Log 2

Floor 13B

  • Research Director Log 1
  • Technical Researcher Log 3

Floor 14B

Floor 15B

  • Ambrosia x3
  • Professor K Log 5
  • Professor K Log 6

Floor 16B

Floor 17B

  • Researcher Log
  • Technical Researcher Log 4

Floor 18B

Floor 19B

  • Technical Researcher Log 5
  • Magic Observer Log 3
  • Mana Prime x5

Floor 20B

Floor 21B

  • Development Chief Log 12
  • Kelo-Vitamin x5
  • Magic Observer Log 4

Floor 22B

Floor 23B

Floor 24B

Floor 25B

  • Professor K Log 9
  • Professor K Log 10
  • Professor K Log 11
  • Godly Dragon Tears x5
  • 6 Kelolon Heart(s)