This is an article about the Downloadable Content available via Xbox Live for Lost Odyssey.

Triple Bonus PackEdit

The first DLC for Lost Odyssey was released on April 25, 2008, for 200 MS points.[1]

This content includes a new dream, the Killer Machine ring, and the Memory Lamp item, which allows access to previously viewed cutscenes via a console on the Nautilus ship.

Seeker of the DeepEdit

The second piece download for Lost Odyssey was released on May 23, 2008, for 400 MS points, now available for 80 MS points.[2]

This content includes a new dungeon, the Experimental Staff Remains, and 6 additional Achievements. There are 26 floors, with new enemies on each of the first 25, and a new boss, Killalon on the 26th. You can also find and receive new Rings, equipment, and items (including Slot Seeds).

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