HP Element Type Row
1,370 Fire None Front & Back
Abilities: Flarus, Flare Mine, Huge Explosion
Weak Against: Element Water

Flavor Text: Exploding Balloons are like a work of art!

Class: Medium Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Defeat all enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • All enemies must die by the second turn (don't have to self destruct).

Three Star Victory Strategy

These enemies all have Fire affinity, but ignore your natural impulse to douse them with Water element spells. Balloons will set themselves up to explode during the next turn if they are hit by any kind of fire spell. To set this battle up for three stars, gather together any five characters that are able to cast Flare. The author used Kaim, Seth, Sarah, Jansen and Ming.

On the first turn have each PC cast Flare on a different Balloon. It is important that you use Flare and not Flara or Flarus -- all five spells must be cast within the same turn. As each balloon is ignited, it will perform the skill Flare Mine, setting itself up for Huge Explosion on the next turn. On the second turn, if you did everthing correctly, have everyone defend and watch the fireworks!

An alternative method is available if you have a character that is able to perform All-Flare. Set up as before, only substitute Cooke for one of the magic users. On the first turn have everyone defend except Cooke and the user with All-Flare. Have the magic user cast All-Flare and have Cooke use her Casting Support skill. This will cause all of the balloons to be ignited at once. As with the first method, have all PCs defend on the second turn, sit back and enjoy the show!

2 Star Reward: 5 Flare Bombs

3 Star Reward: 5 Pandora's Box

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