Lost Odyssey Enemy
Flame Beast
HP Element Type SP Gold
2,990 Fire Beast 2 500
Location Encountered Dropped
The Great Ancient Ruins Glacial Ice
Raging Beast's Eye
Unicorn's Horn
Adamantine Ore
Stolen Rare Steal
Waterfall Cluster Beast King's Claw
Abilities: Hellfire causes Blind status, Lost, Sacred Pillar
Susceptible To: Immune to all status aliments
Weak Against: Element Water


The Flame Beast is the counterpart to the Water Beast, though they are not always found together. It has a decently strong physical attack, as well as an ability called Hellfire which will deal several hundred damage to all characters. Without the Water Beast around, the Flame Beast isn't too dangerous; when they're together they can do a combination attack called Sacred Pillar which will do 400-500 damage to your front row, and 100-200 to your back row. Try to take one of the Beasts down early on to prevent this. Due to the Flame Beast being weaker against Aquara than the Water Beast is against Grounda, it should probably be your first target. Occasionally it will cast Lost before it dies, potentially ejecting someone from battle. It isn't often cast, and when it does it usually misses, but be wary.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough