Treasure-hunt 18

Treasure Hunt


Perpetual Darkness


Fairy's Cradle

Located in the far north (centrally located in terms of east and west), reachable only with the White Boa. In order to reach the cave, you must back up the White Boa into the ice until it gives you the option to launch the Nautilus. Then just dive underwater and enter the cave.

Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Gas in the cave prevents you from using hp/mp recovery items.
  • Cave Worm - boss fight.



Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Bloody Bat 900 Aerial Wind Blood Cloth Crystal, Cape of Illusions Living Brass
Cave Worm 10,180 Organic None Triple Attack, Earth Shake, Complete Defense None None
Red Wilber 1,280 Aerial Fire Flarus, Split (Multiply), All-Curse Mist of Darkness, Perpetual Darkness Dark Flame, Perpetual Darkness, Paralyzing Thorn, Living Brass
Rotten Dragon 5,680 Organic Earth Rotten Gas (All-Curse), Ground Shake Dragon Scale, Decaying-Particle Dragon Scale, Decaying-Particle, Byproduct X, Gravestone of Fear
White Wilber 1,280 Aerial Water Aquarus, Split (Multiply), All-Curse Giant Feeler, Invisibility Potion Bug's Stomach, Black Monster Bug Oil, Necrosis Mold, Living Brass

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